Technical requirements

One needs a fairly modern personal computer with an internet connection and a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. A set of audio speakers is fine, but no requirement. One needs the current version of the Macromedia Flash plugin - a very common extension to web browsers, downloadable from http://www.macromedia.com. Unless specifically disabled, this extension will come pre-installed on most web browsers - or will install itself on the first visit to the page.

Path through the project

Babilani is built with several natural paths to choose from: One might start at the beginning (the first page) and work through the puzzles and explore the story fragments. Or one might select from a list of games / simulations to work at particular skills. All games are built with varying levels of skill requirements: They all start at easy, and for every correct answer the internal difficulty level will grow, always presenting the player with a task fitting his/her level of skill.

About Babilani

Babilani is a melting pot - our own past in miniature, multicultural, shaped by contradictions. From the pyramids of Egypt and the tower of Babylon, to the temples of Jerusalem and ancient Greece, through India and Arabia, to the medieval Europe and the renaissance cities of Italy, it is our heritage and common knowledge that has inspired Babilani.

Babilani is a place to learn, about mathematics, basic physics, numbers in nature and the beauty of math. Here you will find mathematical games, simulations and experiments, designs inspired by the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, examples from the physics of Newton and Galileo side by side with snowflake fractals and mathematical riddles. There are mathematical galleries focussing on the visual side of mathematics, animated fractals, and mathematics in nature.